Los Angeles with Brandon to see Hector, Susie, Hawes,etc.

The following post is especially for Lexee Neil! You asked if Steve had a good time in Los Angeles at Hector's Event...see for yourself that WE most definitely did! Thanks so much for running the contest! We are so glad that we won! It was an unforgettable, life changing trip! We learned so much, met several of our amazing mentors, and had a ton of fun! The only thing that would have made the trip better would have been if you and Jolene could've come with Brandon and Lance. :O)

Jillyn, The Phenomenal Rick Susie, & Steven

Lance Christensen acting a little crazy!

Steven, Jillyn, & The Amazing Daryl & Connie Hawes

Steven had an accident in the bathroom! This is what happens when you lean too close to the sink!

Steven, Lance, Jillyn & B. RiDiN' iN THe STReTCH LiMouSiNe to the airport! Steve & B. broke the fridges! B. kept saying,"This is how we roll!" It was so funny! We had a ton of fun...so thanks again BRaNDoN and LeXee for putting on the contest!


brandonandlexee said...

That is awesome!!! See Brandon needed me there just to take pics:0) Thanks for providing the proof!!!! I am so glad you guys won and had a great time. It looked like so much fun...they are always worth it! I hate missing things but these days I have to pick and choose here and there with so many speaking engagements I would never be home with my babes:0) I am so excited for MIT next weekend...pictures to come on my blog so stay tuned:0)
Great job on winning and keep tearin it up--putting Utah on the map! (and tell steve to watch himself in the bathroom from now on:)

The Waggoners said...

What the heck?! You were in LA and didn't tell us?! :) That's ok. I've been sticking close to home with all these contractions anyhow.