Happy Birthday Krista, Kami, Jason & Sasha!

We went over to Mom's house on Sunday to celebrate Kami, Krista, Jason, & Sasha's birthdays! Kirk helped us grilled steak the Doug Stewart Way and Mom made microwave potatoes, also the DSW & Jessica made her amazing Broccoli-Cauliflower-Bacon Salad. It was such good food! Afterward, I tried to frost the cake, but kept pulling up the top with the frosting. I was getting so frustrated and yelled out,"Son of a Beast!" Grandma Peery thought that I was over in the kitchen cussin' up a storm because she didn't hear me clearly. It was so funny to see the look she gave me until she found out what I really said. Afterward, we played a game of Settlers of Catan (first introduced by Kyle & Alaina Wood) and visited for a while. I am so grateful for birthdays and the fun times we have together as a family. Happy Birthday guys! We love you a ton! I couldn't ask for a better family!

The "Stewart" Girls
Jessica, Krista, Jillyn, Kami, Sasha

The Birthday Kids with the Little Kids
Sasha, Kami, Jarrett, Krista, Jason & Samantha

Blowing out the Candles

Some of the honored guests:
Samantha & her Dirty Face & Pirate Earrings (we lost her studs and I didn't want the holes to grow in)

The Incredible Aunt Joan

Some of the World's Greatest Grandparents
Grandma & Grandpa Peery

Man's Best Friend

Andrew & The Host (from behind) Sorry Mom!


annhomaker said...

Glad to see the updates on the ole blogspot. It was fun to see the party from your point of view. (Except for the hostess.)
I loved seeing the pics from your trips. You are doing so awesome and I am so proud of you both.
Mom aka Momma Ann

brandonandlexee said...

Holy Birthdays!!!! :0) Get them all in one shot:0)

Steph and Ty said...

Glad to see you guys are having so much fun- but we missed you this past weekend. You were the only ones missing. Love ya

Rory and Tosha Sargent said...

your little girl is getting so big

cathy said...

hey! your family is cute. Samantha is getting so big. next time you guys are down here let us know. we would love to see you