Team Captain-RVP Party at the Neil House

Thumbs up! Steve gives his approval of the new house.

How's the food Emily?

Jolene raises her soda for a toast! We work with such cute people.

Steven & Cody sabotage our picture! Crazy guys.
The guys playing pool while the girls watch America's Funniest Home Videos!
Ken, Lance, Steve & Cody doing what guys do best...sports anyone?
What a beautiful view from the deck. Steven didn't end up takin' a dip in his speedo. Sorry Lexee!
Neil RVPS/Team Captains Hanging out with Gary Kornegay
Roasting marshmallows at the fire pit! What's going on Cody?
Gary Kornegay all bundled up. He says that "brothers" shouldn't be in cold weather without a blanket.
How cute and cuddly! He had no clue that I had zoomed in!
Brandon, Lexee, & Our Visitors From Cali! Outdoor Heaters...what a great idea!
Lance & Jolene's baby boy...all tuckered out!

Samantha was one sleepy child after a night at the sitter's.

This is pretty much how all of us felt at the end of the night! I'm sure that Brandon & Lexee were relieved to have all of us leave at 2:30 a.m. so that they could get some sleep. Winners come early and stay late though, right?

Thanks Brandon & Lexee for the amazing food, folks, and fun! We had a blast! Can't wait until the next one.


Why the Long Gap in Posts?

Good question! Let me tell you...Samantha, my friend Tine, and I got in an accident on I-15 a couple of weeks back. Some guy in a big white Dodge truck pulling a trailer decided to ram into the back of us, because he couldn't stop fast enough in heavy traffic. Don't worry we are fine, minus a little whiplash and $3000 worth of damage to the Lexus. Anyway...we took the car to Larry H. Miller in Salt Lake to have it fixed and forgot to take our camera out of the glove compartment. Yes, you guessed it! When we went to pick the car up, the camera was gone. Someone stole it from us! They told us that we could do nothing because we signed a release when we dropped the car off that said they weren't responsible for anything that was lost or stolen from the car. We forgot that the camera was in there, so it's our own fault. I went yesterday and found the same camera for about $75 cheaper on a Christmas sale, so we bought the same awesome camera FOR THE SECOND TIME IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS! More posts to follow...with pictures attached just as soon as I decide to put batteries in the camera and find a memory card to store more photos. :O) Fun stuff...but look at the bright side: we didn't die in the accident, noone was seriously injured, we got another camera, and the car is now fixed. I'll count my many blessings on all of those things.