Happy Birthday Krista, Kami, Jason & Sasha!

We went over to Mom's house on Sunday to celebrate Kami, Krista, Jason, & Sasha's birthdays! Kirk helped us grilled steak the Doug Stewart Way and Mom made microwave potatoes, also the DSW & Jessica made her amazing Broccoli-Cauliflower-Bacon Salad. It was such good food! Afterward, I tried to frost the cake, but kept pulling up the top with the frosting. I was getting so frustrated and yelled out,"Son of a Beast!" Grandma Peery thought that I was over in the kitchen cussin' up a storm because she didn't hear me clearly. It was so funny to see the look she gave me until she found out what I really said. Afterward, we played a game of Settlers of Catan (first introduced by Kyle & Alaina Wood) and visited for a while. I am so grateful for birthdays and the fun times we have together as a family. Happy Birthday guys! We love you a ton! I couldn't ask for a better family!

The "Stewart" Girls
Jessica, Krista, Jillyn, Kami, Sasha

The Birthday Kids with the Little Kids
Sasha, Kami, Jarrett, Krista, Jason & Samantha

Blowing out the Candles

Some of the honored guests:
Samantha & her Dirty Face & Pirate Earrings (we lost her studs and I didn't want the holes to grow in)

The Incredible Aunt Joan

Some of the World's Greatest Grandparents
Grandma & Grandpa Peery

Man's Best Friend

Andrew & The Host (from behind) Sorry Mom!

Los Angeles with Brandon to see Hector, Susie, Hawes,etc.

The following post is especially for Lexee Neil! You asked if Steve had a good time in Los Angeles at Hector's Event...see for yourself that WE most definitely did! Thanks so much for running the contest! We are so glad that we won! It was an unforgettable, life changing trip! We learned so much, met several of our amazing mentors, and had a ton of fun! The only thing that would have made the trip better would have been if you and Jolene could've come with Brandon and Lance. :O)

Jillyn, The Phenomenal Rick Susie, & Steven

Lance Christensen acting a little crazy!

Steven, Jillyn, & The Amazing Daryl & Connie Hawes

Steven had an accident in the bathroom! This is what happens when you lean too close to the sink!

Steven, Lance, Jillyn & B. RiDiN' iN THe STReTCH LiMouSiNe to the airport! Steve & B. broke the fridges! B. kept saying,"This is how we roll!" It was so funny! We had a ton of fun...so thanks again BRaNDoN and LeXee for putting on the contest!

Steven Meets the President of the United States'...

House! Well...at least the title probably caught your attention! Anyway...last month we were able to go back east to help expand our Virginia office! While we were there we got to go to Washington D.C. to see a couple of the sights before hopping on an airplane to meet Brandon in L.A. That week was filled with six airplane rides and we are still alive. After watching the news the night before we left, and seeing an airplane crash in New York, I was so afraid to hop on all of our connecting flights to get us out to Virginia, over to L.A. and back home. Don't the airlines do straight flights anymore? It's like they think plane hopping and jet lag build character or something. Anyway...here are a couple of the pictures from our trip to Virginia to help Adam & Tami. We love you guys and are so happy we were able to go out! Tear it up!

Obama's Current Residence aka The White House

Steven holding the Washington Memorial in His Hands..."He's got the whole world in his hand!" Haha!

Washington Memorial

Steven, Adam, & Jenny at the Lincoln Memorial. Rosy cheeks! It was freezin'!

Final Resting Place of John F. Kennedy & Eternal Flame

Arlington National Cemetery

February '09 Virginia Leaders & RVP's

Our Virginia Team (total studs)

Steven, Jillyn, Tami, & Adam outside of the Jaynes'/Boyce Residence

Tami aka Reese Witherspoon! I did her hair and she looked adorable in her new suit!

Steven, Jillyn, Sydney & Jeff Taylor at Red Lobster for Valentine's Day! The food was unbelievable! The company was even better! Thanks for letting us stay with you guys! We love you!
Even though the trip backed up our business in Utah a little bit, I wouldn't change it for the world! We learned a lot and made a lot of changes to the office and environment that will contribute to big results here in the near future! Jaynes...we are so proud of you! Keep building! You are amazing! Can't wait until we see you guys again!